Monday, February 24, 2020

RE: China’s Facade of Stability - " A critique of China's Coronavirus epidemic response"

China’s Facade of Stability 
Recent stresses have exposed the lack of trust at the core of Beijing’s repressive model.

I have read the article with the link above and it's good article.  The author critiques China's Coronavirus epidemic response. The author attempts to push for western-style democratic systems in China even as it deals with it's latest challenge.

But the western system is also a charade. The trust and freedoms touted in the article are not absolute. They work only partially, 25% of situations in the best estimations. Why is it that when Obama was President police killing of black people increased dramatically?? 

That was the model of fear and intimidation at work by the majority power wilding faction in the USA. That is not the democracy they talk about. The world needs to support China to be successful with its model of government while no other country wish to adopt. It's unique to the genetics of that country. 

The way Chinese people are running illegal mining rackets in Ghana is evidence that open rules based democracy cannot work with the Chinese genetics. And they have learned over thousand years of the Chinese civilization. 

In the context of the African continent, the democratic structures as they are cannot produce prosperity of its people. A new system ought to be designed based on the traditions of the African peoples to create a path towards sustainable future.

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