Monday, August 26, 2019

A small debate with a Journalist on the link between private opinion and professional ethics and standards: A monologue

A small debate with a Journalist on the link between private opinion and professional ethics and standards: A monologue

It is always hard to understand why journalists combine private opinions and official work in the name medium. The confusion is that it’s affects our perception of their objectivity and fairness in their official line of work. One such notorious journalist is Manasseh Azure Awuni who sometimes goes out on a tirade of hateful speech, denigrating and disparaging people. This generates a lot of backlash in cases where his stories have merit. Below is my encounter with Justice Baidoo of Multimedia.

He should learn from Kwaku Sakyi Addo. Big mind, big personality. Not swallowed by any topic. This guy is just exhibiting obnoxious behavior and small mindedness too often.
Why should the advice to learn gets too much and annoying? You see that is the issue. Everyone wants to settle into an impeccable scope of reference and still make a career of telling others what to do. And what is charitable? Do you know what I can tell you in response if you attempt to be uncharitable? Don't assume that arrogance is reserved for some! Try it! Just try it!!
You can't have freedom of speech if you can't respect the same. Just learn!
Good! Now you remember when Manasseh described African CEOs meeting in Geneva as all stupid. And many such infractions? Has he recognized that this is not journalism? Have you called him to order? So, if I say he should learn from folks like KSA and not "exhibit obnoxious behavior and small mindedness". That is in defence of free expression. He should have sought firsthand information from the CEOs before vilifying them. Maybe the idea of Nana Addo addressing that forum is what set off the outrage but that is where sensible broadmindedness come in. So, you and I cannot talk about what is charitable or not in this context. I used to like his activist journalism and the willingness to brave the odds in the pursuit of the truth like I cherished the craft of KSA for years. But the same person cannot degenerate into some sort of a spectacle that does not find considerate application of his force a virtue.
Interesting. You are telling me that If the priest who led me to salvation from my horrible life came to visit me at home. And turned out rap my gorgeous sister, I should not mix that apple with that orange? You see this is the decadence our society is suffering and it's getting worse. We have human right champions who are the worse of violent people in private, etc. This cannot be a sound argument. Integrity is virtue for all professionals. I cannot claim to be a fitness coach and yet everyone in my house if dying from overweight. I hope you get my bolt! Consistency is very important.
How do I trust the quality of the facts when the raw expression of your opinion appears to be far below the intellectual test of average person? That you will not miss lead people much of the time because that lack of quality the private sphere to the professional sphere? The Governor of Puerto Rico is under fire for the content of his private emails. Many journalist and public officials have lost their position for their private opinions. The is not space left for you Justice. Is there? This is not a campaign of self-rightfulness but there is a point for NMC and bodies like these to check ethics and standards because of human nature. We can all make mistakes out of character or even as part of character but must have the opportunity for reflection, learning and reformation.
The risk here is that a person who lacks integrity or as I stated earlier suffers from "obnoxious behavior and small mindedness" will easily pass off opinion as facts. Or project facts with bells and whistles that completely distort the understanding the people consuming the news will end up having. Sacred facts are communicated with consistency, clarity and integrity.

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