Sunday, November 28, 2010

A paradiym Shift in the Election of New Leadership with Desire and Vision to Transform Ghana

Why I pray for Prof. Frimpong-Boateng to be President of Ghana

The name Frimpong-Boateng gained national and international attention not by a popularity contest but by a sacred desire by one man to serve his nation. A man who believed that his own life will be even more worth living by a devotion to a higher service for the nation. Today, Prof. Frimpong-Boateng has served this country by overcoming many seemingly impossible problems he encountered to establish a world class centre in Ghana. The reason God will answer my prayer for The-soon-to-be-sworn-in-President Frimpong-Boateng for Ghana is simple, that he more than anyone else in Ghana at this moment can inspire the nation to go back and discover and take hold of her creative birthright.

The chaotic environment in which the nation Ghana was born has caused our progress and development a great deal of harm. We should have quickly metamorphosed our desires for freedom into that of progress and development through skills and great ideas, the very moment we gained our freedom. But after gaining freedom we forgot to understand that freedom is not an end in itself, but that freedom is worth its value in blood only when it is directed properly. Freedom is like a compass, it is only useful when you know where you are going and understand how to get there and for what reason. 

Why is progress and development so fundamental? It is because progress and development brings dignity and dignity is engraved in the human spirit, to always live to see a better tomorrow. if today we drink contaminated water and for that reason average lifespan is 41 years. Then our tomorrow or the next generation should improve water quality so much that it will prolong life. Progress and development of a nation can be likened to a child starting to walk and sprint, the child has to crawl before attempting to sprint. This ability cannot be imported neither can it happen suddenly, it only takes meticulous assembly of all the right components in time and space to make it happen. Assistance from outside can only provide a little push, when we ourselves have made all the right moves first.

Ghana can go back to the teething stage and attempt one more time and the person rightly positioned by destiny to lead that charge is Prof Frimpong-Boateng or his Kind. He has done it before in his field of endeavour better that everyone else in Ghana, he knows how to start from the scratch and deplore the creative energies of Ghanaians to attempt this progress and development exercise one more time. I pray every day to the most high GOD, that for the sake of the many brilliant children gifted to this country a leader be so appointed in Frimpong-Boateng for us. The patience for mending heart of flesh will reshape the heart of a nation that has missed its birthright and to lay hold of creative thinking as a way of life and to assembly all manner of skills to build this country.

So fellow citizens it is no long "Yes we can" - there is no doubt about that. it should be: "Yes we will"

God bless our homeland Ghana

 Patrick Kobina Arthur (PhD),


  1. Yes, Prof. Frimpong- Boateng is or/and would be the best man. Personally, I measure maturity by ones attitude and the right people by the way they reason, what one can do and what they have done, not just been famous and many titles. Frimpong- Boateng is famous simply because of what he can do and has done. Having practiced Heart surgery for very long time, try to get energy source from plant source that would pose less harm to our environment, I believe that Prof. is the best man because he is innovative, researcher and understands the times we live. Let's endorse him and see what happens.

  2. There is no doubt that after 54 years of independence, Ghana has almost nothing to prove for it. Though we have ruled ourselves for this long, we are still as babies suckling from its mother’s bosom. Why then did we struggle for freedom, if we did not know where we wanted to be fifty years down the line? I always ask myself what the essence of independence was since in my opinion we are not any better than we were before independence. Even babies grow and begin to crawl and then begin to take few short strides, but, Ghana? She has deteriorated and her talent is going to waste. What account can we give when we are brought before the ‘Judgment Seat’ of 54 years of self rule? Certainly we are in dying need of a leader who is able to prioritize and who has the ability to identify the problems we are faced with.

  3. The problem of Africa today is mostly leadership, and not just that but with a sene of direction. I admire Prof. Frimpong-Boateng's ingenuity, proactivity and dedication to making lives of others better. His name is a household name in health service. Unfortunately that alone cannot suffice in his political ambition in Ghana. He needs to do more to reach the political lime light.
    I hope with time Ghanaians would come to appreciate him not just as the best heart surgeon around but also as a potential leader with a vision.
    But before that Prof needs the charisma of ex-president Rawlings, the gracefulness of ex-president Kufuor and the humble but ambitious spirit of incumbent president Mills.

  4. The use of Prof. Frimpong Boateng, is in part generic. I want to highlight the need to invest in leaders who understand the elements of our livelihood. The basics of life and the principles of science and technology.

    Such a leader will lead Ghana to use Science and technology to create a better life. Law and Economics is just not deep enough. Dr. Kwame Nkrumah was not a scientist but he had a very deep appreciate and believe that only science and technology can bring progress.

    And set off to install the institutions that will lead this charge.


  5. one way i also believe drastic change can really occur in Ghana is to change the attitude of people. when our attitudes change for the good all good things also follow. From the leaders through to the followers, everybody needs a change in attitude for good. embezzlement of funds, bureaucracy and the labyrinthine complexity of the educational system all factors in, when considering our underdevelopment

  6. In Ghana, ones realization of his/her dreams to be the president of Ghana lays in the hands of his/her political affiliation. If your party is the famous and strongest then it doesn’t really matter your capabilities. There are many ministers in governance who we all know that they are malfunctioning but who are you to talk, no one will even listen to you. Prof. is the right President for Ghana particularly when we are talking about science and technology but NPP wouldn’t even given him the chance to be the flag bearer neither to talk about Ghanaians voting him as the president of Ghana. Prof. stands out of every Ghanaian so far may be those yet to come I can’t tell. He combines book knowledge with rational thinking. If he was the selfish type, he would set the cardiothoracic centre as his personally unit but not for Ghana. I equally pray that he becomes the next president but what I know about Ghana is that Ghanaians do not experiment with the presidency. Let’s consider the two main political parties; NDC and NPP keenly, from the year 1992, Prof. Adu Boahen contest with Ex-prez Kuffour for NPP flag bearership. Ex-Prez Kuffour lost because he was a first timer. Adu Boahen also lost to Rawlings during the national election because Rawlings by 1992 had already gaining popularity from the PNDC regime. In the year 1996, Kuffour again lost to Rawlings. In 2000, Prez Atta Mills lost to Kuffour because Kuffour came all way from 1992. In 2008, Nana Addo also lost to Prez Mills because Mills came always from the 2000s. What I want to say is that some of us desire for Prof to be the president of Ghana but majority of Ghanaians vote base on history, ethnicity, and religion so prof will have to keep on pushing for THE APPOINTED TIME TO COME.
    Thank you.

  7. I think a leader is appointed to guide the nation, manage its affairs and represent us at all levels not to do our household chores for us. In these circumstances, the least we the citizens should do is to contribute our quota in keeping our surroundings clean.
    Mother Ghana will be blessed with a leader of this Kind (Prof. Frimpong Boateng), because of the desire he has for the development of the nation the scientific way (which is the key). No doubt he has done a lot for his motherland and still doing it but the question is,"can an average Ghanaian distinguish between a blatant politician liar and an honest man, who truely seeks the well-being of the nation??", I doubt.

  8. a touching piece of article. truly deep and inspirational.the question is are the people of Ghana ready to give prof a try to rule the country. people have lost the essence of science in the developmental process of a is only the few who understand the importance of science would really see the need of him becoming president. there is no doubt that a lot of good would be done to the country under his supervision but i still have great doubt. problem has to do with the mentally and the way of life of people in the country. the saying should be yes we want to

  9. Well such a man would have been the best for Ghana but for him to get the nod he would have to be a "politician". And by the time he turns into a politician, he would be like the rest. He would be forced to make huge promises in order to win the elections. But someone with a science background would have been the best for the nation.