Thursday, July 23, 2020

Agenda for Happiness: My Manifesto Proposals for 2020 Elections

The political season is here again and I am thinking of writing development proposals for political manifestos.

Unlike 2016 where I wrote only on Science and technology.  This time I am thinking of writing on 5 other topics.

The urgency brought upon us by the Covid-19 pandemia changes the settings within which development is discussed.  

We need a new narrative about development that is no longer about economics, finance and politics. The new narrative should be about happiness. 

The agenda for 2021 and beyond should be: 
Development of Happiness. 
The Agenda for Happiness. 
Happy Times 

Happiness covers everything from politics, economics, technology to justice and others. It's not that complicated. A narrative about happiness is one that is holistic and all encompassing.

 It is an agenda that resonates with people. In times of great crises the only agenda is to return to happiness. Timeless Happiness with Dignity.

The 5 topics I plan to write on are:

1. The sanitation fix
2. The flooding fix
3. Modern markets
4. Education for everyone 
5. Industrial expansion 

We can all remember that during this tragic pandemia, we have witnessed racism in its ugly form. While we are all outraged and passionate about ending racism. I am more passionate about development and liberty. It is the absence of development that permits evil deeds like racism, imperialism, colonialism, wars, economic domination, religious and superstitious killings occur.