Sunday, December 9, 2018

MTN Hitmaker Show has succeeded for Ghana Music, Now do same for Ghana Science and Technology

MTN Hitmaker Show has succeeded for Ghana Music, Now do same for Ghana Science and Technology

Last week, first of December 2018, I chanced on the finals of the popular MTN hitmaker show  for 2018. And I was pleasantly surprised to learn that many of the current top stars in Ghana music have been previous winners and finalists of the this show. This is a great credit to those who first came up with the concept of the show and it's implementation plan. Compared to the other previous shows musical talent hunt, this MTN hitmaker show has been relatively successful in producing top stars who are gradually featuring on the African and global stage.

It is always important to take what works in one field and scale it across multiple fields. The Telcom business is one that has the most robust growth trajectory in Ghana and is less exposure to the stresses that other businesses experience. On the other hand, Telcos are epic technology companies that should be well positioned to appreciate and drive the growth of the science and technology sector in every country.

In a country like Ghana, where both the popular culture and the culture of government have always seem oblivious to the requirements for growth in science and technology in the development. It behooves a technology company like MTN to pursue the development of science and technology as the core of it corporate social responsibility activities. The core business of MTN and other telcos and the calibre of the people they employ seamlessly align with the culture of science and technology.

Going forward we in the science and technology community in Ghana will be glad to see a balance in the portfolio of activities sponsored by MTN and other telcos. It is important that this company steps into the leadership and resource gap. And drive the growth and expansion of the science and technology sector to give hope to neglected budding scientists of the diverse fields. Scientists whose only hope is the funding from agencies outside the country that are narrowly focussed and not designed to truly build the total capacity of all the scientists in Ghana. 

I am aware of the MTN apps challenge but there many areas of science and technology and tools beyond apps and fintech that needs sponsorship. These diverse fields can be empowered as part of the package for CSR projects that are meant to touch the people more directly. A team of scientists and engineers can be supported by MTN to develop and build livelihood systems as a way of supporting local R&D while provide development assistance to deprived communities. This in the end creates an ecosystem of win-win for many sectors and achieve a lasting development for Ghana.

Good science is also like good music, when it hits you, it leaves no pain. (To paraphrase Bob Marley). MTN hitmaker has made it work for Ghana Music with the discovery of artistes like Kuami Eugene, Kidi, Kurl Songs, Krymi, Freda Rhymes, etc. The same youthful energy and creative brilliance exist for science and technology that needs work to make hits after hits.

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