Sunday, September 23, 2018

Ghana is still a "virtual" nation in search of a soul, a form and an identity: Of the founder, the founders and the founders yet-to-be

Nkrumah should have pursued the path of engagement and consensus building in the new Ghana rather than jailing all dissenters. He formed CPP out of dissent with the UGCC. So why prohibit others from doing the same? Unifying different groups of people into a new nation, groups that we earlier waring and fleeing from wars, will take some huge form of consensus building. By jailing everyone, he twisted the fate of this country and set forth the cycles of chaos initiated by Kotoka the first coup maker in Ghana. We are still not out of the woods yet after some 65 years of this national experiment. Those who were alive at the time of the overthrow of Nkrumah do remember scenes of jubilation across the country. This was due to the many influential people that had been jailed by Nkrumah through the many draconian laws. This included many of his seniors he had dissented with earlier in the struggle toward independence namely JB Danquah.

The many acts of corruption in public office is largely due to the continued feuding of the factions that have been forced to form the nation Ghana. The persistent lack of consensus of the national character makes the conditions of mutual respect and collective progress unworkable. Ghana is a nation in search of a soul. National identity has eluded us for 65 years and we are still not sure when this disaster will end.

To make progress, we need to return to the negotiation table and craft a carter for the real Ghana we want to have going forward. We need to first unify our family systems that formed the basis of amorphous and metaphorizing traditional societies. The next key milestone will be unifying our traditional authority systems and transform the same into state authority and government. We cannot achieve true democracy using principles and concepts that emanate from societies whose character and histories we do not share and will struggle to our collective detriment to emulate.

To build a prosperous nation also means that we need to device a new governance structure and system after our own likeness, collective likeness. Otherwise every Ghanaian will continue to treat the nation as the proverb "transit point" that share very little in character with our different origins and different destinations. To have a nation that is crafted in our likeness, it ought to be first and foremost be both our revered origins and treasured destiny.

That said Kotoka should continue to receive national honors in the face of our continued search for national identity. We cannot honor people who used violence to settle disputes. It is not an example we want to uphold for future generations to emulate. The time is ripe for the Kotoka International Airport to changed to honor a person who embodies the future of global significance that the nation will need to establish itself truly to its core. The man Kofi Annan has ticked all the boxes as that global Ghanaian Icon who represents the face of Ghana to the world.

After the question of soul, form and identity is properly answered, we will realized that Ghana and indeed most of the countries in Africa possess all the useful ingredients to flourish as a modern state. We need to prohibit the migration of our best talents to the outside world. Talent is a finite resource although it is renewable, however we cannot continue the current of talent development by allowing the highest form professional development to be attainable only outside the country and people are left of their own out there to build other peoples' countries for them. As a urgency we need every Ghanaian home or at least part of their professional time home. It is a good time that ROPA is going into effect in 2020. We need to think hard about evolving structures and systems that brings every Ghanaian everywhere to the development challenge. We also need strong institution of higher learning learning to spearhead the create 21st century competitiveness right here. Ours ought to be a nation of high achievements. Building great monuments to our national life to be visible in thousand years and beyond.

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