Monday, May 14, 2018

Setting the record straight: Mass unemployment is NOT a product of classroom and industry disconnect

This is far from the point. We in this country like beating about the bush on many topics. We have a weird culture of not solving problems but running circles round it in tireless futile efforts. It is very egregious to conduct our life like this while claiming to have the desire to develop.

The issue of mass unemployment is the product of backward culture and lifestyles. How many Ghanaians like to work with the hands? Or develop and build things to make money? How many Ghanaians appreciate science and technology? Many will rather spend hours praying instead of studying and you say what? Many just want to pick things and sell. Simple stuff. Put people like these in any classroom and the culture of failure continues. Go to the University campuses in Ghana and you will think it's a church ground. 1000s of students praying loudly for hours. It's foolish to ignore all these cultural elements of defeat we have in Ghana and hope for some magic in the classroom.

The educational systems are not well equipped to offer every child a hands on experience and that is unfortunate. We have been campaigning for years for Government to research and development. It's still being discussed as we speak. The little we have too, the learners are treating it in a wayward manner. So now what do we do now? I have a laboratory in the university funded by foreign aid and I know the pain of working with untrainable students. I had much less of what they have now when I was a student some 20 years ago but I progressed from there. During my PhD in Germany, I had some basic skills from Ghana, although we only watched in most part for the laboratory techniques to be shown to us. Because there was nothing, the lecturer got stuff on her own to show us. But because I loved my subject, I picked the skills by watching the demonstrations. When I got the real opportunity to do it hands-on, I did it like a pro because of attention to instructions.  Today we have provided better facilities through our own efforts, still very few students over the decade I have been here show genuine talent and interest in the subject we teach. Very sad!!

So whoever wrote the piece here should revise their notes and know better.

We are are not going to develop with such falsehoods.


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