Thursday, March 15, 2018

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its one thing being happy or sad and another being truly happy or sad. When your soul tastes true happiness, nothing else matters. The world goes back into its elements and the only thing that remains intact is the happiness you feel inside. And yes, this kind of happiness does not depend on mortals or drugs or things. Its pure, simply pure and simple. Pakar Erst March 11, 2013 

The real engine of progress and prosperity is a strong aversion to poverty, squalor, hopelessness and suffering. To this we should add strong faith, vision, skills, diligence and dedication. The strong aversion must always come first as the primary push factor, after that comes faith as a secondary pull factor. This is the long, narrow, uphill way to transgenerational prosperity. Pakar Erst March 10, 2016 

Pakar Erst April 2, 2013 

I shared with my Cell Biology class today a prediction that: In 50 years or less, Cell based technologies will allow us to make superior tissues and organs for people. That is an exciting future. Pakar Erst April 4, 2017 

Our Talent Constitute What Is Beautiful In Us. There Is No Reason Not To Strive To Shine. Shine In A Way Distinct To You. Beauty By Expression. Humility Is Not By Suppression Of This True Kind Of Beauty.Pakar Erst April 6, 2014

People tend to believe the mystical rather than the TRUTH. Lies that are mystically presented have the power to hypnotize and make-believe. The TRUTH is not mystical and cannot be mystical. The TRUTH is natural and freely set aloft. Without effects or special effects. The TRUTH derives its power from time and space. Time as in eternity and space that stretches to the outer reaches of the cosmos. So this is the problem TRUTH suffers, time and space is too expensive. Time and space consumes too much cognitive power. So many are destroyed daily through their inability to be natural and to avoid mysticism. So the spiritual and the show-people have the upper market in this realm. But then time passes and more space is covered for TRUTH to stand and the mystical lies to lose their power.

Today's take home message at my Cell Biology lecture: A degree course in Biochemistry, Cell and Molecular Biology ought to lead to the development of executive level skills. Executive skills allow you to play a critical and decisive role in the fortune of many people. This means we cannot tolerate rote-learning but big picture thinking and skills for solving complex problems. #themoreyouknow

Pakar Erst May 2, 2015 
The IRONY is indeed too much. I mean: HOW does a DUMMY know what SMART is? Like you entered a showroom full of dummies (also called manikin) and they all point you to where the cashier is and also your way out of the shop!!! Very SHOCKING.

Pakar Erst TRIAGE. TRIAGING. Lets see what we can do with this. I see many people look at intelligence and wisdom as though it is a sheet of paper. Just one leaf is enough. Great things are done with pages and pages of intelligence and wisdom. BUT in this town, the top people only hold less than half a page of this thing called "intelligence and wisdom". TRIAGE is alien in this town. So funerals are festive occasions, we cannot triage at all so burials have got to be big festive events to appear pleasant based on their frequency in this town.

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