Saturday, February 17, 2018

Great Parenting and Great Mentoring NOT Motivational Speeches Is Needed For Career Success

Growing up through the teens to the twenties are perhaps the most anxious times of lives. We do have the conviction that we have a great potential to unleash on the world and make our mark on life. However, very few people come into this life with strong enough convictions to get right to the stage and show the prized performers they are. This is why education and training was invented to share the genius traits. The offerings of the educational systems is apparently not enough or not good at providing answers to the types of questions the young are struggle with in terms of career options. The problem is that it's a race against time before the right road signs are missed. 

In the time past, career choices were much simpler, you were a taylor, smith, miller, carpenter, etc. And if you are lucky your family names were one of these jobs, which meant you grew up right into your job for life. This has changed both for good and bad reasons. Good because now there is more diversity and also you can travel the world with the right choice of career. The bad is the diversity comes with complexity and I personally know many people who are well into their 40s and 50s who are still searching for their "soul". In this struggle, many other people have developed motivational books and motivational speaking as ways of helping out.

Now let's get to it. There is absolutely no need for motivational speakers, not even one useful. People who take to motivational speaking are mainly motivated by and for selfish gain not service to humankind. It is important to generate one's own motivation. Good upbringing and great mentorship are the two masterkeys one needs to make progress. Add to that a good heart and the determination to get to the heart of every endeavor one undertakes. Too often people in their haste to make quick and easy gain completely disregard sound principles and reasons they will likely go seeking from charismatic rousers.  Who use generic quotes after quotes to try to address personal development issues they have no clue about. It is important not to hurry to win a job positions that appear secure at first just because of anxieties over job security and obvious poverty. Do not waste many hours listening to video and audio tapes or attend in person events for motivational quotes. In the end you will only realized that going through many of these charades will not help and you really need to move on. That said, it is also important to note that the motivational industry is the same globally and they are not that effective. 

Overrated!! Yes totally. They may not have set out to cause harm per se but like many other endeavors in life, post market surveillance is critical in ensuring the enduring value of any product. Motivational speaking may have helped in the earlier phase of transition into the 21st century, but now that it is upon us, the time is right to move to some more appropriate and efficacious. And I have mentioned that before, which are great parenting and great mentoring. The two are key in working together to figure out the best plan for the career of a person. Parents because they knew you before you knew yourself. Mentors are those whose career path most resonants with yours. If you find a mentor in your parents, that will be greatest option. So the real deal is great parents and great mentors. Work with your parents to find the appropriate mentor or a small team of mentors. It is wrong for parents to control their children's choices just on the basis of anxiety and the quick search for job security. In the 21st, parent of this kind will vastly disadvantage their children and disorganize their careers forever. If a child expresses interest in certain types of activities or subject areas, it important to look for a professional in that area or close to it and have them mentor your children.

Those charismatic, rousing, quote-by-quote motivational speeches do not prevent people from missing their way in this complex world. A parent and a mentor who know how you feel about issues, will drop the right advice at the right time calibrated just for you. Motivational speakers do not understand how people feel individually. That is the source of all their ineffectiveness. It is important not continue to looked at them as panacea to all personal development needs that people have.  The issue of personal development challenges is not one of logic it is conceptual. It is a deliberate package of choices that puts you at your best and makes you most valuable to society as well. So you cannot plug in alternatives others have practiced in a sequence and hope to obtain the same meaning out of life. Parents also need to cautious not to misguide with children by forcing certain career options on them based on old-fashion norms and taking decisions on subjects they have no clue about. For example, it is pointless for a parent to deter a child from going into aeronautic engineering based on their fear of flying. Allow me to restate here what I always share with my students, it is that they should go reading motivational books for answers to their career challenges.


  1. I'm also of the view that great parenting and great mentorship can go a long way to make their wards progress. Parents should not impose career opportunities on their wards as they just cause more harm than good on them. Well said Doc!

  2. Though motivational speeches may not be working presently, I think other means of motivation and inspiration is necessary. For instance, at a point in my very early years, I admired some news anchormen because I get to watch them "daily" and loved their presentation. This raised my interest in taking a career in that field.
    We need to find a way to present science to this part of our world to demystify the notion that science is difficult and reserved for just a few people.

  3. Good parenting at early and teen stages is a necessity as it not only boost self image but helps in choosing an ideal career path as rightly said above. Motivational speeches however should come from mentors we align ourselves with as speeches given by them are more tailored to our needs than a try and error approach.

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