Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Ghana Marshal Plan 2017-2020

Word of warning:>>

A 20 billion dollars marshal plan for a nation that is dominated by buying-and-selling. It's tricky achieving a durable progress. We must avoid business as usual at all cost.There is also no reason why a bigger amount, say 30 Billion $ fund cannot be created with the involvement of the Ghanaian and African Diaspora.

My top areas that manufacturing enterprises must be established>>>

1. Manufacturing equipment engineering

2. Pharmaceutical technology and Bioequivalence Research

3. Crop improvements and farm mechanization technology

4. Electronics and electronic assembly and advanced ICT engineering

5. Local food process engineering,

6. Building and transport engineering

No to rudimentary industries with low budget and low product output. Let's just look at the items we import and create industries to compete in those areas, leveraging our local competitive advantage. There is not no need repeating exactly what others are doing without local process and tool replacements to achieve competitive advantage. Those easy to run industries like pure-water and drinks, there are thousands playing in this domain already.

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