Monday, October 22, 2012

I need a poet, I need a wordsmith.

   Between an Inuit and a Desert Dweller. 
Between the days of studies and the work days.  
Between the struggle not freeze and the struggle not to burn.  
Between the life we wish to have and the life that have us in. 
Between the life of hopes and dreams and a life of ways and means.  
Between the struggle to need and the need to struggle. 
Between the life of possibilities and the life of  impossibilities. 
 Between everywhere and nowhere. 
 Between the honor of work and dishonor of looting the honor.  
Between there and here.  Between pure joy and pure crime.  
Between the limits beyond the sky and limits below the sky. 
Between we are one and we not one at all.  Between empathy and apathy.  
Between the beautiful soul and the ugly demon.  
Between live-and-let-live and live at everyones expense.  

 I need a poet, I need a wordsmith. 
I need someone with a gift of writing to draft the 
endless contradictions into a beautiful piece of poetry. 
I hope this writing will capture the contradictions so
 that I can start again, all over again.

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