Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Supporting Biomedical Research In Ghana

In our effort to contribute to the control and the eventual eradication of infectious
disease in Ghana, we at the PAKARLab in the University of Ghana are applying
for funding to build our research capacity.

In connection with this, we have an application for funding to the Grand Challenges Canada.
This grant competition involves public engagement to generate awareness on the 
idea we have as researcher to impact public health.

Our project title is:

Analysis of Drug-resistance mechanisms and the Discovery of Novel Anti-Infectives 
Using Mass Spec-based Proteomics Platform

We will build capacity by establishing a Mass Spectrometry based Proteomics Lab in Ghana. And undertake top-rate research to determine the molecular basis of drug resistance in many infectious pathogens especially Mycobacteria, in addition to the isolation of novel anti-infective agents to combat multi-drug resistant pathogenic microbes.

We aim to implement this project by employing the approaches and techniques that
best saturates the entire scope of the actual problem. Cut to the heart of it all. 
We have the knowledge, skills and the discipline to achieve this goal.

Give us thumbs up to win a grant from Grand Challenges Canada at the link below:

Please visit our Facebook page to share ideas and to team up to solve some
societal problems.

Thank you
Patrick Kobina Arthur (PhD),
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/PAKARLab 

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