Wednesday, November 21, 2012

There goes Ghana Science and Tech hopes: See you 2512

Sorry for Science and Technology in Ghana, the presidential debaters all do not even understand the issue. What is needed is not a policy for class 1 to 6 science education. There are 1000s of Ghanaian scientist in and out of Ghana, waiting for the infra-structure to work with. What is needed is an APEX institution that put Ghanaian Scientist to maximum use and utilize their output to generate more interest at the lower levels of education. The enthusiasm for science is currently higher at the basic education level than at the University. 

60 years ago Nkrumah established the most ambitious Science and Tech enterprise in Africa. Today our candidate-leaders could not even mention CSIR, GAEC, the Universities and how to expand and source them for Development. Primary School Science Education???? OMG

Science is humanity's greatest tool. But in Africa, that tool has no use. So I sit here waiting to explore. It feel like walking barefoot.

Let see what the year 2512 Ghana elections will bring. 

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